3 Basic Tree Care Services

Everyone wants to get a professional tree service company that offers top notch services and with competitive rates. While every company claims to have all it takes to offer the best services, only a few are truly credible, with all the experience and expertise needed to get the job done flawlessly.

Here are 3 primary services every reputable tree care service company should offer:

Tree Trimming Service

You need to properly trim your trees annually or every other year – depending on the tree’s species. An expert will help you get rid of those limbs that are beginning to pose as threats. These professionals have an eagle’s eyes for pest infestations, infections, fungi and other warning signs. You may be blind to these symptoms, because these signs may not be visible enough, except to experienced experts. Unfortunately, if these problems are not timely detected and treated, they could pose a severe threat to the life of the entire tree and may even spread to other trees. Quality tree service will help trim your tree and undertake routine inspection for early detected and treatment of any possible threat to your trees.

Tree Removal Service

Do you have a severely infected tree or dried up tree still standing in your premises or a nearby house? That is indeed a huge risk to the residents in that area. Call on your local Melbourne arborist, Joe’s Tree Service to handle the situation before it gets too late.

If you also have a need to move your trees to a new location, a professional tree service company will get the job done perfectly. This is not a DIY project because the process could be dangerous and may cause severe damages if not handled by the right hands and required expertise. The tree or an ailing branch could fall off, and this could be fatal.   Professional companies are licensed, insured and bonded, reducing the risk on their clients. Strike this off your to-do list and consult your local tree removal expert.

Tree Stump Removal Services

This is one of the toughest parts of tree services; little wonder why some companies do not include stump removal among the services they offer. Removing stumps from the soil is not an easy task. You definitely need a tree service company to help with their tools for a seamless experience. Before you hire them, ensure you get an evaluation and ask some relevant questions, so you know exactly what you are paying for and your expectation.

Final Note

When you need to plant a tree, remove stumps, prune or treat your trees, there are professional companies that will offer you everything you would ever need for your tree care services. Seek the best professional tree care companies, and you will never have to worry about your tree’s health or the safety of your loved ones and properties.

Prevention and Maintenance techniques to make your trees healthy and strong:

Prevention of tree is important and essential for human beings, but there is a time when it is important to remove the tree stump. If a tree is dead or becomes diseased, it means that it is the time to completely remove it from the base. If you want to pull the stump out, you need more equipment and labor. A tree requires special attention because like human beings trees are also affected with certain diseases, so in order to maintain a tree; we have to use different techniques and methods.

In order to support the physical structure of a tree cabling is used. Generally, this process is often required when the tree is not supporting its own height. Tree cabling cannot be used to support unhealthy, diseased and dying trees. Instead, the process is used to support and assist the healthy but slightly injured trees. Tree cabling ensures that the structural integrity of a tree maintained during heavy storms and winds. Tree cabling is necessary when,

  • There is a crack or spilled in the trunk of a tree.
  • Co-dominant stems are two or more stem that grows in an upward direction from a single point of origin. Co-dominant stems create a sign of V. Therefore, these co-dominant stems are known as V-Crotch. As the branches of a tree grow these V-Crotches becomes weak and likely to cause the tree to fall.
  • Sometimes the trees have a little lean to them. If a tree starts bending after a storm, and the soil around the tree is cracked.

Primarily, there are two types of cabling, dynamic and other cabling systems. The dynamic cabling allows movements, flexibility and complete control of the branches, whereas the other cabling system is dependent upon the condition and species of the trees

Stump removal is one of the most difficult tasks. There are different ways to remove a tree stump, but there are very few which actually works. The truth is that there is no chemical in the market, which magically removes a stump from your property. The oldest aged method, which is used to remove a stump, is burning. In reality, this method is less than perfect because stumps are deep enough and they can hardly receive any oxygen to facilitate a fire. However, the most effective way is simply to have patience and let nature do their work.

Tree Pruning allows strong growth, increase fruit production, improve health and increase fruit production. It is very important to pruning a tree at the right time and in the right way. The health of tree can be affected by choosing a wrong way pruning; it is possible that the tree is killed with over pruning. However, the main purpose of pruning is to enhance the natural shape of a tree.

There are different reasons to prune your trees for instance; prune minimizes the risk of failure from weak branches, provide more resistance to the wind, reduce shade, improve tree health, helps in growth of fruit production, improve tree aesthetics and structure, provide and provide clearance.

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