Comprehensive Service

At Vertical Grow, we provide a complete range of landscaping consultancy and services from planning and design right through to implementation and construction. Our fully qualified and highly experienced landscape architects and engineers have accumulated a wealth of experience on a very diverse range of projects over the 25 years that we have been in the landscaping business. We service all kinds of landscaping projects from the smallest residential backyards and gardens through to all types of commercial and government projects. Our services begin with advice and planning on the best solutions and features including budgeting and costing through to construction, management and ongoing maintenance. We have extensive experience in a wide range of landscaping features and styles for private estates, industrial complexes and government utilities including recreational grounds, parks and open public spaces.

We offer packages to suit every budget and requirement and are able to provide one or all of our services with a project plan that can be tailor made to specific purposes. Our designs and plans can be structured to suit any particular needs and in line with any budget restrictions by utilizing a wide range of cost specific features to suit the project.

Our expert engineer are able to deal with the fundamental aspects of any landscaping design by implementing the best solutions for management of stormwater and irrigation installations to ensure that drainage and water collection is correctly controlled. Our experienced staff can save you time and hassle by dealing with the paperwork involved with all local government requirements and applications so that they are in accordance with the necessary council by-laws.

A Qualified Team

All our professional staff are fully qualified, highly experienced and computer literate in the latest applications in environmental science and botany.

Our team are familiar with all aspects of the important groundwork that needs to be done in any landscaping project and can engage and oversee the necessary contractors to ensure this initial work is done according to plans and specifications. quality landscapers and landscaping is going to be a requirement. At every stage of development of your landscaping project we will consult with you to ensure your requirements are being met. We are committed to providing our clients with a landscaping consultation process that keeps them full informed of all aspects of their job including ongoing costings and and design changes or modifications that may be needed along the way. Our staff are also able to provide expert advice on the best quality products and are all are experienced C.A.D. operators.

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